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  • Model: HHR-P104
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Condition : New
Content: One battery only

- Replacement
- 3.6V/700 mAh
- Panasonic type 29
- Rechargable Ni-MH battery
- Compatible P/N.: HHR-P104 , CS90499 , TL26411 , 12423885 , Type 29 , 2300968
- Weight: 0.050 Grams. approx.

Compatible With: Panasonic Wirless Cordless Telephone, Phone
KX-FPG391    KX-TG5432
KX-TG2302   KX-TG5433 
KX-TG2302B   KX-TG5433M 
KX-TG2312    KX-TG5438  
KX-TG2312W   KX-TG5438F
KX-TG2313  KX-TG5438S 
KX-TG2313F   KX-TG5439 
KX-TG2313W  KX-TG5439S 
KX-TG2314    KX-TG5451  
KX-TG2314PK  KX-TG5451S 
KX-TG2314S  KX-TG5456  
KX-TG2322   KX-TG5456S 
KX-TG2322B   KX-TG5471
KX-TG2335    KX-TG5471S
KX-TG2335S   KX-TG5480
KX-TG2336  KX-TG5480S
KX-TG2336S  KX-TG5576  
KX-TG2343    KX-TG5576M 
KX-TG2343F   KX-TG6500  
KX-TG2343P  KX-TG6500B
KX-TG2343W   KX-TG6502 
KX-TG2344   KX-TG6502B 
KX-TG2344B   KX-TGA233
KX-TG2344BP  KX-TGA233  
KX-TG2346    KX-TGA234
KX-TG2355  KX-TGA234 
KX-TG2355S  KXTGA235  
KX-TG2356    KX-TGA235B 
KX-TG2356S   KX-TGA236  
KX-TG2357    KX-TGA236  
KX-TG2357B  KX-TGA238
KX-TG2357PK  KX-TGA238  
KX-TG2357S  KX-TGA520
KX-TG2386    KX-TGA520M
KX-TG2386B   KX-TGA523  
KX-TG2388  KX-TGA523M 
KX-TG2388B  KX-TGA541
KX-TG5050    KX-TGA541S
KX-TG5055  KX-TGA541W 
KX-TG5055W  KX-TGA542  
KX-TG505W    KX-TGA542B 
KX-TG5200    KX-TGA542M
KX-TG5200M   KX-TGA542S 
KX-TG5202    KX-TGA545  
KX-TG5202M  KX-TGA545S 
KX-TG5210   KX-TGA546
KX-TG5210M   KX-TGA546S
KX-TG5212    KX-TGA547  
KX-TG5212BP  KX-TGA547S 
KX-TG5230  KX-TGA548  
KX-TG5230M  KX-TGA548R
KX-TG5240    KX-TGA549  
KX-TG5240M   KX-TGA549F
KX-TG5243M   KX-TGA549F 
KX-TG5421  KX-TGA549S 
KX-TG5421S  KX-TGA550  
KX-TG5422    KX-TGA550M 
KX-TG5422M   KX-TGA551  
KX-TG5423    KX-TGA551M
KX-TG5423M  KX-TGA552 
KX-TG5428   KX-TGA552M 
KX-TG5428R   KX-TGA560
KX-TG5431    KX-TGA650  
KX-TG5431S   KX-TGA650B 

More Compatible with: 
Again & Again: STB 941, STB941
Battery Biz: B-779
Dantona: BATT-104, BATT104
Empire: CPH-496, CPH496
Energizer: ER-P104, ERP104
GE: TL96411, TL26411, TL86411, TL-96411, TL-26411, TL-86411
Hi Capacity: B779
Interstate Batteries: ATEL0006, TEL0006
Lenmar: CB0-104, CB0104
NABC: 721096000, STB104, STB941 
Panasonic: 23968, 439024, 439025, 439026, 439030, 439031, HHR-P104, HHR-P104A, KX-FG6550, KX-FPG391, KX-TG2302, KX-TG2303, KX-TG2312, KX-TG2313, KX-TG2314, KX-TG2322, KX-TG2335, KX-TG2336, KX-TG2343, KX-TG2344, KX-TG2346, KX-TG2355, KX-TG2356, KX-TG2357, KX-TG2386, KX-TG2388, KX-TG2480, KX-TG4500, KX-TG5050, KX-TG5055, KX-TG5200, KX-TG5202, KX-TG5210, KX-TG5212, KX-TG5213, KX-TG5230, KX-TG5240, KX-TG5242, KX-TG5243, KX-TG5421, KX-TG5422, KX-TG5423, KX-TG5428, KX-TG5431, KX-TG5432, KX-TG5433, KX-TG5436, KX-TG5438, KX-TG5439, KX-TG5451, KX-TG5452, KX-TG5453, KX-TG5456, KX-TG5471, KX-TG5480, KX-TG5561, KX-TG5566, KX-TG5571, KX-TG5576, KX-TG5583, KX-TG5621, KX-TG5622, KX-TG5623, KX-TG5631, KX-TG5632, KX-TG5633, KX-TG5634, KX-TG5651, KX-TG5652, KX-TG5653, KX-TG5664, KX-TG5671, KX-TG5672, KX-TG5673, KX-TG6500, KX-TG6502, KX-TGA233, KX-TGA234, KX-TGA236, KX-TGA248, KX-TGA450B, KX-TGA500, KX-TGA520, KX-TGA523, KX-TGA541, KX-TGA542, KX-TGA545, KX-TGA546, KX-TGA547,  KX-TGA548, KX-TGA549, KX-TGA550, KX-TGA551, KX-TGA552, KX-TGA560, Type 29, HHR-P104A/1B, KX-FGP378, KX-FGP379, KX-TG2300, KX-TG2302B, KX-TG2302S, KX-TG2302W, KX-TG2312B, KX-TG2312S, KX-TG2312W, KX-TG2313B, KX-TG2313S, KX-TG2313W, KX-TG2314B, KX-TG2314S, KX-TG2314W, KX-TG2322B, KX-TG2322S, KX-TG2322W, KX-TG2336B, KX-TG2336S, KX-TG2336W, KX-TG2343B, KX-TG2343S, KX-TG2343W, KX-TG2344B, KX-TG2344S, KX-TG2344W, KX-TG2346B, KX-TG2346S, KX-TG2346W, KX-TG2347, KX-TG2355B, KX-TG2355S, KX-TG2355W, KX-TG2356B, KX-TG2356BP, KX-TG2356S, KX-TG2356W, KX-TG2357B, KX-TG2357PK, KX-TG2382B, KX-TG2386B, KX-TG2388B, KX-TG2396, KX-TG2397, KX-TG2400, KX-TG2405, KX-TG2480S, KX-TG2431, KX-TG2500, KX-TG2550, KX-TG2560, KX-TG2570, KX-TG2575, KX-TG2620B, KX-TG2620W, KX-TG2622W, KX-TG2631, KX-TG2631W, KX-TG2632B, KX-TG2650, KX-TG2670, KX-TG2680, KX-TG5050W, KX-TG5055W, KX-TG5200M, KX-TG5202M, KX-TG5210M, KX-TG5212M, KX-TG5230M, KX-TG5240M, KX-TG5242M, KX-TG5243M, KX-TG5421B, KX-TG5421S, KX-TG5421W, KX-TG5422M, KX-TG5423M, KX-TG5428F, KX-TG5428R, KX-TG5431S, KX-TG5431W, KX-TG5432M, KX-TG5433M, KX-TG5438F, KX-TG5438S, KX-TG5439S, KX-TG5441, KX-TG5451S, KX-TG5452M, KX-TG5456S, KX-TG5480S, KX-TG5561M, KX-TG5566M, KX-TG5571M, KX-TG5576M, KX-TG5577, KX-TG5621S, KX-TG5622M, KX-TG5623B, KX-TG5631S, KX-TG5633B, KX-TG5651S, KX-TG5652M, KX-TG5653B, KX-TG5654, KX-TG5776, KX-TG6500B, KX-TG6502B, KX-TG6700, KX-TG6700B, KX-TG6702B, KX-TGA238, KX-TGA450, KX-TGA520M, KX-TGA523M, KX-TGA550M, KX-TGA551M, KX-TGA552M, KX-TGA650, KX-TGA6500, KX-TX5050W, KX-TG6500B, KX-TGA650B, KX-TG2314PK, KX-TG5583PK, KX-TH102, KX-TH111, KX-TH112, KX-THA11, KX-THA12, KX-THA17, KX-THA19, Type29, HHRP104A/1B, KXFGP378, KXFGP379, KXTG2300, KXTG2302B, KXTG2302S, KXTG2302W, KXTG2312B, KXTG2312S, KXTG2312W, KXTG2313B, KXTG2313S, KXTG2313W, KXTG2314B, KXTG2314S, KXTG2314W, KXTG2322B, KXTG2322S, KXTG2322W, KXTG2336B, KXTG2336S, KXTG2336W, KXTG2343B, KXTG2343S, KXTG2343W, KXTG2344B, KXTG2344S, KXTG2344W, KXTG2346B, KXTG2346S, KXTG2346W, KXTG2347, KXTG2355B, KXTG2355S, KXTG2355W, KXTG2356B, KXTG2356BP, KXTG2356S, KXTG2356W, KXTG2357B, KXTG2357PK, KXTG2382B, KXTG2386B, KXTG2388B, KXTG2396, KXTG2397, KXTG2400, KXTG2405, KXTG2480S, KXTG2431, KXTG2500, KXTG2550, KXTG2560, KXTG2570, KXTG2575, KXTG2620B, KXTG2620W, KXTG2622W, KXTG2631, KXTG2631W, KXTG2632B, KXTG2650, KXTG2670, KXTG2680, KXTG5050W, KXTG5055W, KXTG5200M, KXTG5202M, KXTG5210M, KXTG5212M, KXTG5230M, KXTG5240M, KXTG5242M, KXTG5243M, KXTG5421B, KXTG5421S, KXTG5421W, KXTG5422M, KXTG5423M, KXTG5428F, KXTG5428R, KXTG5431S, KXTG5431W, KXTG5432M, KXTG5433M, KXTG5438F, KXTG5438S, KXTG5439S, KXTG5441, KXTG5451S, KXTG5452M, KXTG5456S, KXTG5480S, KXTG5561M, KXTG5566M, KXTG5571M, KXTG5576M, KXTG5577, KXTG5621S, KXTG5622M, KXTG5623B, KXTG5631S, KXTG5633B, KXTG5651S, KXTG5652M, KXTG5653B, KXTG5654, KXTG5776, KXTG6500B, KXTG6502B, KXTG6700, KXTG6700B, KXTG6702B, KXTGA238, KXTGA450, KXTGA520M, KXTGA523M, KXTGA550M, KXTGA551M, KXTGA552M, KXTGA650, KXTGA6500, KXTX5050W, KXTG6500B, KXTGA650B, KXTG2314PK, KXTG5583PK, KXTH102, KXTH111, KXTH112, KXTHA11, KXTHA12, KXTHA17, KXTHA19
Radio Shack: 23-968, 43-9024, 43-9025, 43-9026, 43-9030, 43-9031, RS-230-0968, 23968, 439024, 439025, 439026, 439030, 439031, RS2300968
Sanyo: GES-PC619, GESPC619

Also Compatible With Some other brands and models.  
All the information are here for reference only and can not guarantee for accuracy.
(Item can be similar if exact match not available)
Please Research yourself with compatibility of your apparatus.
Some times Part no. Model no. or serial no. may or may not same but product will be compatible.
Please check product documentation for compatibility prior to purchase.
Information's are here for your reference only and accuracy can not be guaranteed.

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This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 23 May, 2009.

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